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+44-(0)1684-576343 - Purple Rage Software products protect and enhance Windows, Linux and MacOS systems in the UK and Europe.Print Manager Plus - The complete printer management and control application.

Take control of your printing. How much are you spending on printing? How many printers does your organisation own? How many pages are printed each day? Do you have employees using expensive colour printers for everything they print? Try to add up the cost of paper, toner, ink cartridges, maintenance, equipment wear and tear and you begin to get the picture!

Printing can cost up to 15% of annual revenues according to Dataquest. Their figures show that the average cost of producing documents is equivalent to 40% of a company’s labour cost. Other industry analysts estimate printing to run between 5% and 15% of a company's annual revenues. Despite this huge expense and its impact on profits, most corporations just view it as “the cost of doing business” since it’s impossible to control without the right information and tools. There is an easy solution to these “hidden” printing expenses. They can be easily managed! The solution is Print manager Plus.

One user of Print Manager Plus in France conducted a study to determine just how much paper the software was actually saving them. They had installed the software about 2 years ago and it has been controlling some 1200 students, 130 staff, 350 workstations and 14 networked printers. They reported a saving of between 200 to 300 reams of paper per month! Add that to the savings on ink, electricity, printer repair and maintenance , and they saved about €15,000 (£13,500) per annum.

There are three editions which make up the Print Manager Plus product set. They each have very similar functionality but have been tailored to the specific needs of the organisations that use them:

Print Manager Plus Standard Edition Academic - All levels of academia from kindergarten through higher educational institutions use Print Manager Plus around the world to audit, analyse, track, restrict and quota student printing.

Print Manager Plus Standard Edition for Network Enterprises - Join the thousands of small, medium and large corporations and government agencies that use Print Manager Plus to audit, analyse and track network printing and printer inventory for cost analysis and asset management.

Print Manager Plus with Client Billing and Authentication - Print Manager Plus with Client Billing and Authentication allows users to bill or assign printing to specific client accounts or Matter Codes. The Print Authentication and Verification module can also help cut back wasted printing forcing users to verify their print jobs before allowing them to be sent to the printer. Print Manager Plus with Client Billing and Authentication also fully tracks walk-up copies for HP MFPs.

Optional modules for all editions
There are a number of modules that are available to be used in most of the editions detailed above. "Add Credits Option", "Authentication Module" (Client Billing Edition only), "End User Inquiry Tool", and "Remote Report Viewer" are all free to use.

The complete print management solution

Print Manager Plus allows you to quota and track all printing activity on a Windows network. It tracks pages being printed from all Windows versions from 95/98 onwards, plus DOS, Macintosh, UNIX, and OS/2 clients for a complete print management solution. Now, you can take control of these valuable printing resources. No more wasted budget from “out of control” printing. You’ll be amazed how much you can save by just tracking this outflow.

Print Manager Plus allows you to track, quota and/or restrict printing and printer usage by a monetary amount, number of pages per job, size and file type for a complete print management solution. It installs in seconds on any Windows server or workgroup network setup and tracks printing from any Windows, Macintosh or UNIX operating systems.

  • Widely used print management software. Print Manager Plus is in use by government agencies, schools and corporations on over 10,000 print servers world-wide.
  • Pays for itself within 10 days. It’s so cost effective it often pays for itself within 10 days.
  • Microsoft Certified. Print Manager Plus has passed rigorous testing by Veritest to obtain Microsoft Certification and Verification, making it the only logo certified print tracking product available today.
  • A complete software solution. Print Manager Plus requires no additional hardware between the printers and your network.
  • Fast and easy to set up and maintain. Installs in seconds and immediately tracks all printing that spools through your print server. In minutes, with the use of User Group defaults, you can implement a quota system or group/printer specific restrictions for your entire network.
  • Simple licensing. The product is licensed by print server. Each license covers UNLIMITED printers, users and workstations.
  • Tracking. Complete audit of printing. Records date, time, user, printer, document, colour, duplex, page size, total pages and cost of each job.
  • Control. Implement a print quota system for Users or User Groups based on a “per page” value per printer. Supports any currency. “Per page” values can be set based on page size, colour or duplex. Delete or pause jobs when the quota is exceeded. Notify users when print balance is low or job denied.
  • Reports and graphs. Generate reports based on printing by user or by printer. Use reports to charge-back departments for printing costs, or sort the data to spot gross offenders. Report data can be exported to almost any format including Word, Excel, CSV, text, DBF, XML, PDF, etc. Custom reports are available to customers under maintenance.
  • Print accounting. Add a balance to a user’s account for his/her quota. As the user prints, the value for that printer is deducted from the balance. User Group defaults allow you to add a balance to many users at one time. You can automatically add more credit to user balances or reset pages printed to zero.
  • Database. Print Manager Plus supports Microsoft Access, MSDE, SQL 7 and SQL 2000/2005/2008.
  • Windows compatibility. Print Manager Plus does not use custom port monitors or replace any of the Windows system files.

Product Interface and Usability

The Print Manager Plus interface has evolved over the years but has retained much of its original layout. The style and design has always been in keeping with Windows and pleasing to the eye, but most of all it is easy to use and simple to navigate. The product is divided up by tabs. These tabs are Users, User Group Defaults, Organisational Units, Printers, Print Servers, and Reports.

If using Active Directory or LDAP Print Manager Plus will automatically display Users, User Groups, Organisational Units, and Printers. If using a workgroup, Print Manager Plus will display Users and Printers.

Users interface in Print Manager PlusUsers Tab
The user display allows the Administrator to view and edit user properties and set quotas and restrictions.


User Group Defaults interface in Print Manager PlusUser Group Defaults Tab
The user group defaults display allows the Administrator to view and edit user group’s properties and set quotas and restrictions. This also sets a default value for any new users added to that group.


Organisational Unit interface in Print Manager PlusOrganizational Units Tab
The Organizational Units display allows the Administrator to view and edit Organizational Unit’s properties and set quotas and restrictions. Sets a default value for any new users added to that Unit.


Printers interface in Print Manager PlusPrinters Tab
The Printers display allows the Administrator to view and edit printer properties and set page costs and restrictions.


Servers interface in Print Manager PlusPrint Servers Tab
The Print Servers display allows the Administrator to view all print servers and workstation connected printer agents remotely across an entire enterprise.


Reporting interface in Print Manager PlusReporting Tab
Print Manager Plus uses a built in Crystal Reports viewer. The Standard Edition of Print Manager Plus has over 100 built in pre-made reports and graphs. The reports interface is laid out by reports categories and can easily be navigated.


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