PeerLock® secures a user's files across a network of machines, ensuring that all copies of the files are locked while the user has them open. The network file locking afforded by PeerLock® protects against multiple revisions occurring simultaneously on different machines.

When a user opens a file in a watched folder on his/her local machine, the file is immediately locked on the other machines specified in the user selection list. Other users cannot make modifications to this file. When the user closes the file, the files residing on the other machines are immediately unlocked, and can now be used to make changes. PeerLock® is designed to integrate seamlessly with PeerSync® editions to offer a total locking and synchronisation solution. PeerLock® also adds much needed functionality to Microsoft® DFSR which has no locking capabilities at all.

PeerLock® gives you highly granular file management which translates directly into improved collaboration. PeerLock® has locking options for precise control, increased visibility into locked files across collaborative environments, and offers a number of enhancements to streamline overall performance.

PeerLock® eliminates several critical file management barriers (i.e., now files can be locked on any location even if the location requires different logon credentials) and facilitates more seamless collaboration by reducing file “release” intervals (longer “release” intervals increases the risk of “version conflict,” one of the main reasons collaborative projects are late, over-budget or fail).


PeerLock® is a powerful and innovative program that ensures that when a user is modifying a file, no other user will be allowed to make changes to that file on any machine that the user has chosen to lock. Installed on the two watched server machines, PeerLock® makes sure that no file from the watched folders is accessed with write access while is in use on the correspondent location. PeerLock® is configured by selecting "Source/Target folder pairs". PeerLock® allows for 255 unique selections with each selection allowing for up to three target folders.

PeerLock® makes network file locking possible while local files are in use and integrates seamlessly with PeerSync®. This innovative program ensures that when a user is modifying a file, no other user will be allowed to make changes to that file on any machine that the user has chosen to lock. Furthermore, if Microsoft® DFSR is being utilised, PeerLock® allows any files opened in a DFSR resource to be locked on all other DFSR servers. Seamlessly and transparently.

Cross Domain File Locking - Locks files on any location even if the location is on a different domain or on another machine requiring specific credentials for access.

Performance - Improved Locking and Releasing Time: Files are locked and released in milliseconds instead of approximately one second per file. 

Detection Options - Dual Detection - Uses both local and file server mode detection for complete locking on machines that may have files opened from users connecting over the network as well as accessing the files locally. 

Ability to manipulate Locked List - Manually release locks from the PeerLock® locked list.

Lock Options - Allow Access based on Source File: Lock target files with the same access based on the source file. When using this feature files on the source and their corresponding target(s) will be accessible by other users in the same manner: i.e. you cannot open the file, you can open the file for read access or you can open the file for read and write access. This is an important feature for applications that open some files for read and write access and other related files for read access, as well as, applications that just open Source Files for read access (such as for CAD resource files). 

Display - Release List - Stores recently released files and all information pertaining to the locking and releasing of those files including why the file was released (i.e. manually, locking stopped, PeerLock® stopped or the source file was released).

Failed Connections Retry - PeerLock® stores failed connections and retry them on a ten minute cycle. This can improve overall performance when connection losses occur. 

Performance - Optimised Lock and Release: Separated the locking and releasing cycles to allow for the ability to set the priority of each procedure.

Furthermore, PeerLock® lets you define:

  • Real-Time Detection of File Use and Immediate Remote Locking.

  • Instant file locking and synchronization.

  • Easy installation and unobtrusive operation.

  • Allows up to 255 source selections.

  • Allows up to 100 targets per source selection.

  • Allows for remote source selections.

  • Can be run as a service.

  • Feature to Create/View and close folder selections in Microsoft® Windows Explorer.

  • Source/Target Folder File Mask: Each Source/Target pair contains an option for masking of file types you wish to include.

  • Support for UNC folder/path names: This includes dynamic mapped drive creation, as well as local drives.

  • Variable Path Selection: You can insert variables into the source or target path to create unique synchronisations. Usable Variables include Date, Day of the Week, Username, etc.

  • Reporting: This option allows for log file reporting.

Comprehensive monitoring console:

Service Level Agreements are common these days, whether they are internal or external. To ensure that you can meet these service levels, control over your processes is key. PeerLock® is tightly integrated with Peer Administrator, which enables you to view and manage all PeerLock® instances in one central console.

File locking for Microsoft® DFSR


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