If you are looking for the highest level of performance, reliability, automation and cost effectiveness from a data replication and protection application, then there is no need to look any further. PeerSync® gives you just that;

  • file synchronisation

  • mirroring and replication

  • distribution

  • file and database backup

for your servers, workstations, desktops and laptop computers.

PeerSync® provides powerful file mirroring, branch office synchronisation, distribution solutions and more for your high data availability needs. With PeerSync® you will able to ensure that your data and applications are accessible, providing a reliable IT solution for your business. PeerSync's data retention capabilities provide high-end data backup and recovery. For any type of business, PeerSync's backup capabilities protect your critical data, providing an easy-to-use, reliable solution for your every day data retention needs. As your business grows and requirements change, you can cost-effectively upgrade, add options, and extend solutions. Need to establish a fully collaborative environment? Simply add PeerLock® to your environment in conjunction with PeerSync®, and now you have not only real-time replication but distributed file locking as well.

Whatever version of PeerSync® you need, there are a wealth of modules that you can add-on to give you the additional functionality that you need. Requirements from one project to the next can differ enormously, but with PeerSync's flexible approach, you can have just what you need:

  • Multi-threading for even faster replication

  • Byte replication so only the changes to files are transmitted

  • FTP or TCP based data transmission when a LAN or vLAN is not possible

  • Enhanced scanning to allow initial replication to run faster

  • Use Volume Shadow Service to access otherwise inaccessible files

PeerSync® Workstation - Designed as a powerful workstation/laptop synchronisation solution, it offers real-time and scheduled synchronisation and backup of files to servers as well as other workstations. Installed on the PC, not the server, but still capable of synchronising to and from a server. It can also synchronise to a secondary storage device. Particularly interesting for laptop users as files can be replicated back to base either manually from a simple desktop icon, or transparently when a VPN connection is established, or whenever a trigger is set off.

PeerSync® Server - A powerful file mirroring, backup, and distribution solution, it is installed directly on the server and synchronises from PC to server or server to server. You can perform backups between servers, or synchronise and replicate between servers, or backup to NAS or other storage device, or distribute files (push) from servers to workstations, or backup (pull) files from workstations.

PeerSync® Observer Enterprise - A utility that allows you to monitor all PeerSync® activity across the LAN. Observer gives you a centralised view of all PeerSync® activity. PeerSync® Observer receives specific information from running PeerSync® and PeerLock® applications on the network. It then displays changes from these application based on their ability to connect and transmit that information successfully to the Observer.

PeerSync® Admin Enterprise - Includes the PeerSync® Observer and the Administrator Package features. In addition to the Observer features the Admin Enterprise allows you to Start, Stop, Pause and Resume any PeerSync® instances running as a service and visible within the PeerSync® Observer Enterprise monitoring application.

File synchronisaton and backup


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