Take control of your printing. How much are you spending on printing? How many printers does your organisation own? How many pages are printed each day? Do you have employees using expensive colour printers for everything they print? Try to add up the cost of paper, toner, ink cartridges, maintenance, equipment wear and tear and you begin to get the picture!

Print Manager Plus® redefines print management by giving businesses unprecedented control, access and insight into their printing.

Perfected over decades of use in organizations around the world, the cutting-edge software solution represents the very best in support and technology aimed at reducing costs, cutting waste and providing greater printing intelligence.

The best technology
The original Print Manager Plus® software was developed in 1998 as the first of its kind native to the Windows operating system. Still the only technology with this claim, Print Manager Plus® takes its leading technology to the next level by enabling printing to be more than just a managed cost. It helps companies to leverage print management to the benefit of business through greater transparency, control, compliance and intelligence.

Enhanced ease of use
From the start, Print Manager has been celebrated by its users as accessible and seamlessly supported. Those same qualities continue to drive the development of the Print Manager Plus® software today. Print Manager Plus® is easier to use and better supported than ever, from installation and integration through scalability and reporting.

Next-generation accessibility
Print Manager Plus® reflects years of carefully collected customer input, a deep understanding of changing business needs, and a focus on the future of technology. The software provides next-generation accessibility, mobility, and technical quality with web-based printing and cloud integration: Quite simply, it’s a modern technology for the modern worker.

Increased cost saving potential
For decades, customers have been experiencing immediate ROI with the Print Manager software. Print Manager Plus® takes cost savings to the next level by enabling companies to take control of a critical cost generator and put savings back into the IT budget.

Robust environmental reporting
Print Manager is—and always has been—an inherently green technology. The software immediately eliminates wasted printing materials and energy, helping companies to hit green targets and garner both the cost and reputational benefits of reducing waste. Print Manager Plus® provides the additional benefit of easy and robust environmental reporting.

The Benefits in Brief

  • Immediately cuts printing costs

  • Immediately reduces printing waste

  • Reduces total cost of IT infrastructure

  • Saves IT staff and user time

  • Supports organizations' compliance with regulations like HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and Data Protection Act intelligence.


Editions and Licensing
Print Manager Plus® can be installed as a Basic, Standard or Premium edition, which is licensed per printer audited. The product install changes nothing in the Windows infrastructure and relies only upon the standard Windows print subsystem. Larger enterprises running Windows Cluster, Core Services, Terminal Services or CITRIX based networks are also fully supported.

Scalability and System Requirements
Print Manager Plus® can be easily engineered, installed and administered for any size workgroup, network, or enterprise.

Primary and Satellite Installations

           Take a look at Print Manager Plus in action.​


Print Server Based Networks Supported: Supports Printing via Windows Print Server from: Windows, Mac, Linux, Unix, and all other systems.

Network Authentication Supported: Print jobs routed through a Windows Print Server and Workstation will be audited no matter the originating operating system. Once the print job has spooled through the print driver, auditing of network sources is completed integrating with:

  • Active Directory

  • Ldap

  • Workgroup Setup using Local Username and Password

  • Custom Usernames and Groups

  • Mobile Printing Supported (Premium Edition)


Through the web portal, users can log in from inside or outside of the intranet. Once they log in using their credentials, they are walked through a simple wizard that allows them to upload or select an existing document, choose a printer and print options, and then submit the print job for printing via any browser, iPad App, Windows Driver and Chromebook using Gdoc authentication.

Usability and Installation
The product usability is simple with an easy installation and setup, and complete integration with Windows. Print Manager Plus® will literally run itself. Installation can be completed easily on any sized network and the product interface will detect and conform to what network tools are available if any.

Installation Options
The installation options for the product are many, from a full install or Advanced Options that cover individual installations of the Administrator, Print Client and Tracking Service

Web Portal
The Web Portal, which includes, Web Printing, Balances, Release Station, Payments, History, Reporting and Scheduling is translated in 20 languages for use by most of the world.

Take a look at Print Manager Plus in action.​

Print control, access, and insight


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