PeerSync® provides powerful file mirroring, branch office synchronisation, distribution solutions. With PeerSync® you will able to ensure that your data and applications are accessible, providing a reliable IT solution for your business. PeerSync's data retention capabilities provide high-end data backup and recovery in today's IT environments. For any type of business, PeerSync's backup capabilities protect your critical data, providing an easy-to-use, reliable solution for your data retention needs. As your business grows and requirements change, you can cost-effectively upgrade, add options, and extend solutions.

File locking for DFSR

Peerlock® secures a user's files across a network of machines, ensuring that all copies of the files are locked while the user is working with the files. This security protects against multiple revisions occurring simultaneously on different machines. When a user opens a file in a watched folder on the local machine, the file is immediately locked on the other machines specified in the user selection list. Other users cannot make modifications to this file. When the user closes the file, the files residing on the other machines are immediately unlocked, and can now be used to make changes.

Wide area distributed file services

PeerLink® makes data collaboration for businesses with diverse geographical locations a reality. Now your staff can access files and folders in a controlled collaborative environment wherever they are located in the country or around the world. No longer is there a need to use email, FTP, or a centralised file repository. PeerLink® ensures that your data is always up to date on every file server through real-time file replication. Furthermore, version conflicts are prevented through distributed real-time file locking to ensure that only one person can edit a file at a time.

Printer management

Whatever the financial climate, all types organisations from schools to corporate multi-nationals,  try to make what they have go further, and to reduce costs. Doing so makes them more efficient and profitable. Constraining print costs can go a long way to saving valuable  resources. Putting a cap on the use of printers and their consumables saves not just money, but also helps the environment. By applying limits to users ability to print their files, the result is a dramatic reduction in wasted paper, ink and toner cartridges. This saves a vast amount of money  and is great for the environment. Studies have shown that the use of 17 reams of paper equates to one tree. Just think what a difference that could make to your costs and our world.

Imaging and backup

Backs up on-premise physical and virtual systems, as well as Microsoft® Office 365® mailboxes, Microsoft® Azure® VMs, and Amazon® EC2 instances for complete protection of your entire IT infrastructure. Protects VMware® ESXi and Microsoft® Hyper-V hosts and recovers them to dissimilar hardware for complete of your virtual infrastructure. Protects every user by backing up Windows® PCs and tablets, Apple® Mac computers, iPad®, iPhone®, and Android® devices. Gives you complete control over the location of your data, systems, and backups — ensuring that you always know where your company data is, even if it is stored in the cloud.

Multi-Platform Backup

NovaBackup® is the highly rated backup software and data protection solution from NovaStor®. Whatever business you’re in, its simple, fast and reliable. SOHO users, small businesses, big businesses, internet service providers, and enterprise professionals alike all understand the importance of data protection and security. NovaBackup® delivers to meet these needs for everyone. NovaStor® products support a multitude of backup destinations, so you can back up your files your way. Back up your data to external hard drives, local media devices, or network attached storage. NovaStor® also supports online data backup. With NovaStor® data backup products, you get a great online backup service because you can manage local and cloud backups using one user-friendly interface.

System deployment

Ideal for rapid bare-metal initial deployments to a large number of workstations and servers, and an effortless on-going deployment to the same hardware, Acronis® Snap Deploy® lets you provision hundreds of systems as fast as you can provision one. Powered by the Acronis AnyData Engine, award-winning disk imaging technology lets you create an exact disk image of any standard configuration you choose - including the operating system, configuration, files, and all applications - and simultaneously deploy the image to multiple machines in one easy step. Acronis® Snap Deploy® will also automatically manage machine-specific configurations.


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